Oceanic ORMUS



Our ORMUS is harvested from the beaches here on the Sunshine Coast of Australia.

Harvested from this beach

From start to finish, ORMUS takes around two weeks to produce for our REGULAR grade and over 3 weeks for our PREMIUM grade. We take pride in our work and our product/website should reflect this.


The Alchemy process we use to extract the ORMUS is called the “Wet Method” (link). The most critical part of this process is raising the pH of the sea water to 10.70 with food grade lye. We have discovered a way to achieve this more accurately, although the process takes longer and smaller batches are produced.

Our method ensures quality control by reducing the potential for error when adding lye. Even though we produce less, costing more, we have kept our prices competitive with the Australian market.


To purify the ORMUS the lye needs to be removed from the precipitate. This is called “Washing”. Each time the ORMUS is washed it is given a rest period before its next wash. Increasing the wait time between washes increase the volume of lye that can be removed. Our rest times between washes are three times the expected minimum. This result in dilution of up to 50% more lye removed.

After the last wash there is a final rest time that allows the precipitate to settle. This final rest time produces a higher concentration of ORMUS..

Both our REGULAR and PREMIUM grades differ in the amount of washes, the water used, and the duration of the final rest time.


The properties of ORMUS remain relatively unknown in the scientific community and is best explained by watching David Hudson's video.

If ORMUS hasn’t been recognized by mainstream science then it’s a far reach it will be approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) of Australia. This limits us in sharing community testimonials of ORMUS's healing properties on our website. Please read our website disclaimer. We recommend you research ORMUS through the Subtle Energies website.


An unregulated product means that it is more susceptible to shortcuts in production that will directly affect the quality of ORMUS produced. These ‘shortcuts’ are taken to save costs and increase profits. We make no compromise when it comes to delivering a quality product, and list the common shortcuts here so buyers are aware.

Shortcuts that affect quality:

  • Food grade lye (NaOH) isn’t used.
  • Made in aluminum containers.
  • Adding lye too fast, or in high concentration raises pH in spots.
  • Not enough water is used with the wash, giving a salty taste. This means sea water hasn’t diluted enough and may contain high traces of lye.
  • The rest time after the final wash is shortened, producing a watered down product with less ORMUS concentrate.
  • Stored and distributed in plastic bottles

We describe ‘how we make ORMUS’ so consumers know we deliver a quality product without shortcuts. Hopefully this transparency will increase the quality of other manufactures, giving ORMUS the integrity it deserves.

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We package Oceanic ORMUS in glass bottles as plastic is environmentally unkind and leaches toxins (BPA) into the product.

Oceanic ORMUS is packaged, stored, and delivered in EMF bags. These bags protect the ORMUS against electromagnetic fields or radio frequencies (RF) such as wi-fi, wireless internet, blue tooth, television, radio etc.

When receiving Oceanic ORMUS, please continue to store it in the EMF bag provided, away from direct sunlight or heat. Preferably in a cool place away from electromagnetic fields.


Deliveries in Australia are charged at cost using Australia Post's new tracking system. At present, we do not have pickup available as this attracts many overheads.

We offer large 1000ml (1L) bottles to give further value to you. We discount the larger volumes and you also save on freight costs.


Orders that are processed in Australia and paid online through Paypal/Credit Card will have their order shipped within 24hrs, usually the same day. This means that you could possibly receive your ORMUS the very next day (Austpost advise 1-6 business days).


We welcome international orders although we may require some guidance when importing into your country. Please use our standard order form to request a quote.